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At Securassure, our mission is to secure and assure our customer’s safety and security!
Customer service is just as important to us as the products and services we provide!

Why Choose Securassure for your Home Alarm System?

Securassure provides installation for the best home alarm systems in Canada with TELUS. TELUS leads the world in home security by using the latest, most cutting-edge technology, the fastest, most responsive security control centers and the most convenient and easy-to-use user interfaces available. With over 100 years of experience, TELUS is the smart and reliable choice for home security systems in Canada. At Securassure, we bring you the safety, convenience and peace of mind of TELUS right to your doorstep, helping your family live safely and securely.

Find out More about Our Home Security Systems

Burglars and vandals can strike at any moment in any neighborhood, making it very important to learn about home security systems and how they are effective in maintaining the peace and security of your home. Millions of families around the world and hundreds of thousands in Canada trust Securassure/TELUS to combat break-ins, vandalism and loss of property at their homes. In addition, Securassute/TELUS home security systems also monitor your home for fire and carbon monoxide emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each of our home alarm systems by Securassure/TELUS includes a number of powerful features that help keep your family safe. To find out why Securassure/TELUS is the premiere choice for home security systems and why many Canadians are choosing Securassure/TELUS to protect their homes visit our Testimonials page, where you can hear how home alarm systems from Securassure/TELUS are changing lives of Canadians.

Securassure can have your home protected in less than 48 hours. Call us today at 1.855.373.3131 to speak to one of our friendly representatives about securing your home. It is never too early to protect your family. Don’t wait to call!


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