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How to Reduce False Alarms With Home Security

Reduce False Alarms in Home Security

Whether your teenager accidentally triggers your home alarm or a pet setting offers a motion sensor, false alarms are annoying. They’re loud, distracting, and they force you to re-alarm your home security system.

You can reduce those aggravating false alarms with the following tips.

Familiarize Yourself and Others With the System

Take the time to teach your children, housesitters, and anyone else using the home regularly to use the alarm. All household members should have a pin for the alarm and home security system. They should also know what to do when the alarm goes off.

The more people know how to handle the alarm, the fewer chances there are for the alarm to go off accidentally.

Create a Battery Schedule

Set a battery-check schedule to avoid alarms blaring due to a low battery level. Low voltage is one of the most common causes of false alarms. The vast majority have a battery indicator in their settings, which will tell you the current level of the battery. Remember to check this level regularly to avoid battery-related alarms.

Take the time to teach everyone in the home about checking the battery. So if you’re away from the property on a work trip, the battery is still being monitored.

Consider Your Pet’s Routine

Another common cause of false alarms is a pet jumping in front of a sensor and setting it off. Position your sensors away from furniture and other areas your pets like to reach with a sudden jump. The Securassure team of security advisors would be happy to discuss the best options with you!

Look for Triggers in the Home

Walk around your home and look for potential triggers for a false alarm. An open window, for example, can blow the curtains and set off the alarm. The movement of plants in the wind can also cause the alarm to go off. So work with your security company in placing the sensors carefully.

Placing the sensor as far away as possible from potential natural movement in the home can help safeguard against this type of false alarm.

Harness the Human Element Security

You can now also remove the potential for false alarms by utilizing a home monitoring system. Security monitoring solutions give you real-time information about events within your home.

When a sensor is triggered, the information is immediately sent to the monitoring company, which can then decide whether to contact emergency personnel based on the type of event.

Connected to a security camera in the home, the monitoring system provides teams instant footage. So if it’s simply a pet jumping in front of the sensor, they can reset the alarm. Working with a qualified security company in this way is effective in practically eliminating false alarms.

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July 27th, 2021