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Spare Keys vs. Smart Locks

Smart Lock Concept

The key hidden under the mat or a nearby rock is no longer the secure solution to keeping spare keys. This strategy might be convenient but poses a significant safety risk.

Keys are no longer the best option for securing your home. Let’s explore why many homeowners now choose home automation products such as smart locks over keys when selecting their security system.

House Keys Can Get Lost

Whether you’re late for work and running to the car or you go to take something out of your wallet, house keys can easily fall out of a pocket. Studies show that as many as 28% of people lose their house keys once per week.

Often house keys are in a purse or a pair of pants. But even being without your tickets for a few moments can be unsettling and can cause significant delays in your schedule.

Copies Must Be Made

Another issue with using keys is that you have to make copies.

Everyone in the home needs a key to access the property. So your teenage children will need their tickets. You might even need to provide babysitters and housesitters with keys. This increases the risk of the keys being lost and others gaining access to your property.

Keys Require You to Think Twice

You’re likely one of the millions of people each day who cannot remember whether they locked the door. When you use keys, the onus is on you to ensure the door is locked and your home protected.

Trying to remember to lock the door before you leave can add stress to an already busy day.

Smart Locks Are the Superior Alternative

With all the annoyances that keys bring to our lives, it’s no wonder that many are opting for a safer, more convenient alternative.

Many now secure their home with smart locks. Smart locks are secured via a keypad that requires a special pin code to enter the house. They can be operated via Z Wave technology and present several convenient benefits. For example:

  • One-Touch Operation

    There’s no need for juggling keys and a bag when you’re leaving home. Simply touch the keypad to engage the lock. This process automatically sets the alarm for the home. So the entire property is completely secured with one convenient tap on the touchpad.

  • Full Automation and Control

    Smart locks will integrate with your home automation system. So you can set the lock to alert your phone when someone enters or leaves the property. You’ll be able to respond immediately when authorized, and unauthorized individuals try to enter and gain real-time information when children are safe and home.

  • Customized Security

    Using a smart lock system, you can build a completely customized security infrastructure around the property. From setting notifications when you’re on vacation to gaining information about access times, you can achieve full security control in and around your home.

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July 20th, 2021