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Why Smart Fire and Carbon Dioxide Alarms Are Essential

Smart Fire Alarms and Carbon Dioxide Alarms and Its Important

Basically, every home has to have fire and carbon dioxide detectors because of fundamental building codes and safety concerns.

However, what some people may not know is that advances in home automation have created a new generation of alarms, and that these new smart systems are capable of things the old class could simply not do.

Here’s why smart fire and carbon dioxide alarms are essential.

Alerts No Matter What

The biggest reason you want to have a smart smoke or carbon dioxide alarm as your two most essential appliances is because they are capable of alerting you even when you’re not home.

A traditional alarm is entirely dependent on someone being around to hear it, similar to the age old adage about a tree falling in an empty forest, it doesn’t protect you all the time.

However, the smart models will tell you whenever something is wrong, no matter where you are. So, you’ll know if your home is in any danger, thus allowing you to call for help, protect your loved ones, and get the situation fixed much faster.

Hybrid Function

Another plus of smart alarms is that many of them work in combination with other detecting functions.

For instance, a smart smoke detector will typically be able to detect carbon monoxide and dioxide. This is a vital function you need working properly, as many people get sick from cardon monoxide poisoning and some die in their sleep from breathing in the deadly gas.

Internet Functionality

There are also many benefits to the Internet age and the functionality that comes with it. Notably, you can get notifications of all types from your alarm. While the emergency alert is naturally the most important one, there are also useful functions like letting you know that the battery is running low so you can replace it and make sure your home is safe-guarded.

What’s great about this is that you’ll never have to wake up in the middle of the night to respond to a loudly chirping alarm.

Best of all, in the event that you burn your dinner or create harmless smoke, you can easily turn off the alarm, thus protecting your eardrums and ensuring that you don’t have to swing a broom or fan around like a crazy person while hoping for a lucky flow of air to get the alarm to cease its endless chirping.

Closing Thoughts

There are several reasons to get smart home alarms, from internet functionality to its always-accessible nature, and even the sheer advantage of having an all-in-one package that can always protect you and your things.

The truth is that smart alarms are really worth the extra cost from their convenience and safety benefits. Like many things that are good in life, however, it does not come without a price, which includes some initial pain while you adapt to the various safety needs. If you’re interested in getting set up and want some help, we at Securassure are ready to assist. Call us at 1-855-373-3131 or use our online form here.

August 23rd, 2021