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Your Complete New Home Security Checklist

Home Security Checklist

You’ve just moved. You’re now ready to settle down and explore the area. But don’t forget to make time for security. Proactively securing your home now can help you relax and enjoy many years of comfort in the future. Let’s explore your new home security checklist.

Add Door and Window Sensors

The data shows that over a third of home burglars simply walk through the front door. So don’t forget your windows and doors when it comes to home security. Take the time to speak with your local security expert about intrusion sensor options. These small devices can be placed in the vicinity of windows and doors to alert you when an intruder enters.

Another great benefit is they can be connected to a home security system and send images directly to your cell phone. So you’ll be able to act instantly in the case of intrusion into your home. Selecting home door and window sensors is a great first step in building your new secure home.

Install A Doorbell Camera

Use a smart home doorbell camera to keep an eye on your front door! Doorbell cameras have 3 major advantages. First, it allows you to see who is at your door whether you’re home or not! Second, it provides you with the ability to speak to the visitor through the 2-way speaker integrated in the smart home technology. Finally, it registers movement at your front door and notifies your smart home whether a person or animal is approaching your home!

Update Your Garage Door

Another key entry point into the home is the garage door. Many people simply forget to lock their garage when they enter the house after work. Or they sometimes don’t even have a garage door lock.

Securing your garage is one of the most effective ways of preventing easy access to your home. And one of the best security options is a smart garage door lock and opener. Using a smart system, you can lock and unlock the door from your mobile device.

Our team here at Securassure can also help show you how remote garage door systems can work for your property. It’s a simple addition that will help secure your home valuables.

Select an Automated Home Security System

Automation is your key to protecting your home and maintaining full control of your home space. The latest automation tools allow you to connect sensors at the doors and windows. Furthermore, you can integrate these with our temperature control systems and other products inside the property for complete control of your smart home!

In the event of a break-in, a fire, or any other emergency event, an automation tool will alert your mobile device as well as local authorities, giving you crucial minutes to respond. Automation technology is now putting control back in the hands of homeowners and placing a barrier in front of potential criminals.

Ready to explore the full range of security options at your disposal as a new homeowner? Our team at Securassure is here to guide you in protecting your family and your property.

To learn more about how to improve your home’s security, call Securassure now at 1.855.373.3131 or contact us here.

July 12th, 2021