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Carbon Monoxide is undetectable to the nose but our monitors
alert you and emergency responders at the moment of detection.

Market-Leading Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Our team at Securassure has decades of experience helping homeowners integrate detection systems in their home. Carbon Monoxide is a serious issue that often goes undetected due to faulty monitors. We know the fears homeowners have and the challenges they face, and we can respond with a full suite of detections built for modern life and full control of the family home.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Actively monitoring carbon monoxide in the home is a proven way to ensure the safety of your family. You gain the following advantages when you work with our trusted monitoring team:

Earliest Possible Detection

Our sensors are highly sensitive and have been engineered by professionals with decades of experience building detection systems. This level of sensitivity means that you have access to the earliest possible warning signs of carbon monoxide within your home. The alert will not only ring across all areas of the property but can also be set up to connect to your mobile device. So, if you’re away from the home, you’ll be able to take decisive action in protecting loved ones inside.

Automatic Emergency Response

Most carbon monoxide monitors alert you to the risk but don’t take action. Through Securassure, you receive a smart home CO2 monitor that detects carbon monoxide and alerts emergency response teams automatically. Our technology ensures that individuals receive the help they need at the moment of detection!

Stable Under All Conditions

One issue homeowners experience is when their carbon monoxide detection system sounds out an alert even when there isn’t a gas leak in the home. This isn’t an issue with the latest carbon monoxide monitoring tools as they are designed to remain stable within fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. So, when you receive an alert on your phone, you’ll know it’s time to take action and review the latest data from inside the property.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System

Direct Access to Data from Your Phone

When you choose our services, you’ll gain direct access to data on the carbon monoxide levels within your home from your home device. You won’t have to worry about your family and potential threats to their health while you’re away – you can simply check your phone and see that they are happy and healthy. The moment carbon monoxide levels rise in the property, you’ll be alerted immediately. We can then connect you with emergency services in the area if the situation requires the attention of medical professionals. It’s a proactive approach to carbon monoxide monitoring that’s helping save lives across the country

Automation Integration

Here at Securassure, we’re automation leaders. We’re focused on the future of the home and on providing you with all the benefits of home automation. This includes integration with your carbon monoxide monitoring solution. The monitoring service is provided along with automation of all elements within your home. Whether you require pinpoint temperature control or camera-connected intrusion monitoring, you can entrust Securassure to build your very own completely customized, and fully automated home environment.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detectors

Ready to Choose Your Carbon Monoxide Detection System?

Don’t waste any more time on substandard home detection technology. Our team at Securassure is here to guide you every step of the way in building your fully automation detection system. Whether you’re searching for a detection solution that forms part of your home automation and camera network, or you simply require round-the-clock carbon monoxide detection in the home, we’re here to help.

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Decades of Experience

We have several decades of experience working in the local industry and supporting homeowners with quality detection products. This means our experienced team can answer questions you might have about detection and the value it can bring to your home.

Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology

We’re a TELUS Trusted Provider, which means you can depend on Securassure for access to the finest detection system within the Canadian marketplace.

Experts in Communication

An additional benefit of choosing our services is we can explain the full range of security technology to you in simple, straight-forward terms.

Easy Installation

Whether you require assistance, or want to install it yourself, we provide the guidance and the easy-to-install products to get it done right!

24/7 Service

We offer 24/7 services because we know that just because you’re resting, doesn’t mean potential health hazards are.

Smartphone Application

Control your smart home and monitor any potential carbon monoxide through your smartphone application, offered by Securassure!

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