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Automated Fire & Smoke Systems
Our alarms automatically inform emergency responses
of fire & smoke detected in the home!

Protect Your Family With Quality Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

You should be able to rely upon your smoke alarm and fire alarm to work effectively around the clock.

The alarm system you select is instrumental in ensuring your family’s safety. By selecting the right unit from a trusted professional like Securassure you’re making a proactive decision that will help safeguard your loved ones for the long-term future. From smart-device-connected monitoring to reliable 24-hour performance, each element of our fire monitoring service is designed to protect your loved ones and keep you in full control of the security in your home.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Benefits of Our Fire Detection Systems Include:

Choose from the Best Sensor Technology

We only work with the most trusted suppliers of fire and smoke detection systems, so you can rest assured your home is protected by the best in security performance. One of the reasons so many homeowners now choose our fire detections is we’re able to apply sensors to a range of areas throughout the property. We have the technical expertise to handle even the most challenging installation job with precision.

Customized Fire Monitoring

We work with you in ensuring you have the best monitoring system fit for your home. When we review your home fire monitoring requirements we’ll assess key points within your home such as the kitchen and garage. We’ll review the best placement for sensor systems to ensure that you’re notified immediately of a change in events within the home. Throughout our design and analysis work, we take the time to ensure functionality is a leading consideration, so you’ll always have a simple-to-use monitoring system.

Affordable Plan Options

When you select Securassure for your home security system, you’ll have access to some of the most cost-effective home security plans within the market today. Our comprehensive service selection includes options as the Control + Video plan. When you activate this plan you’ll have products such as a sensor-activated smoke detector, a glass break sensor, and a window and door sensor installed within your home.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Smart Home Integration

A common issue homeowners face when installing fire monitoring systems in the home is that the monitoring solution doesn’t work effectively with their other smart home systems. With Securassure, you can add a smoke or heat detector to our home security systems. These detectors will be monitored 24/7 so if you are not home or don’t hear them (because you are sleeping) the authorities will be contacted

As a TELUS Trusted Provider, each element of our automation suite is designed so that you don’t have to spend hours on calibration. We set the system up and connect it with your home devices, or guide you through the simple installation process!

Fire Monitoring Systems
Fire Monitoring Systems

The Importance of Fire Monitoring

Actively monitoring for smoke or fire in the home is proven the best way to ensure the safety of your family. You gain the following advantages when you work with our trusted monitoring team:

Intrusion Monitoring 3

Earliest Possible Detection

Our sensors are highly sensitive and have been engineered by professionals with decades of experience building detection systems.

Direct Access to Data from Your Phone

When you choose our services, you’ll gain direct access to data on smoke or fire threats within your home from your home device.

Automated Emergency Services

From phone updates to emergency response, our fire and smoke monitoring systems act fast to automatically protect your home.

Monitoring Helps Protect All Members of the Family

One rarely considered element of active monitoring is the value it brings to family members who might not know how to respond in emergencies.


Our installation team goes to great lengths to ensure you understand the detection system and its capabilities.

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