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Damage caused by water intrusion in the home is expensive to fix. That’s why so many local homeowners now turn to Securassure for our flood monitoring service. As trusted security specialists, we understand the many challenges you face in keeping your home safe around the clock. Our flood protection systems are designed with the modern homeowner in mind.

Flood Detection System

What Does Securassure Offer?

Quality, Reliable Flood Detection

One of the first questions many homeowners have when choosing flood detection technology is: “how can I rely on this system to keep my family safe?” When you select a Securassure flood detection solution, you’ll be working with cutting-edge technology from a TELUS Trusted Provider of flood alarms.

Convenient Solutions

Homeowners are often concerned that flood monitoring is complicated and time consuming to install and use. At Securassure we recognize these concerns, and that’s why we offer flood detection systems designed to work at your convenience. Our systems are easy to install and are designed for functionality and subtlety. We can also take care of all installation and monitoring so you can simply live happily while staying dry.

Plans for All Budgets

Our team at Securassure understands the need for affordable options within the home. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service catalogue designed so you can select the service you want without overpaying. Our flood detection systems can be provided through a variety of options customized to your situation!

Flood Detection System

How to Choose the Best Home Water Intrusion Plan for Your Home

Your Long-Term Requirements

Our systems are designed to offer full home protection from flooding for years, so you must review your long-term requirements when integrating one of our systems. For example, flooding can be a recurring problem, especially when renovating your home. Integrating our flood monitor system in your home can ensure the protection of your current and potential assets.

Your Style of Home

The style of your home plays an important role in the type of intrusion system you choose to install. For example, we often work with rural homeowners in installing flood protection systems in buildings they don’t use regularly. Farm buildings and other rural settings require round-the-clock flood protection and we can install flood detection sensors and cameras that provide you with a clear insight into the condition of the property regardless of your location.

Your Comfort Levels

As a TELUS Trusted Provider, we can provide you with a customized security system designed for you and your home. Whether you require cutting-edge HD cameras or the latest sensors to detect flooding events, we respond with speed and professionalism.

Home Security System
Home Security System

The Leading Causes of Floods

Flood events can occur at a moment’s notice, so you must take proactive measures to minimize the extent of the damage. Here are a few of the most common causes of flood damage in the home:

Intrusion Monitoring 3

Cracked building foundations

Sewer backup and overflows

Weather-related seasonal flooding

Broken appliances

Frozen water pipes

Faulty water taps

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