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Intrusion Monitoring Systems Deliver Full Security Control

We work with homeowners to analyze their security requirements and provide clear solutions. Our experience means we’re ready to integrate automated intrusion monitoring systems that work within your home to reliably protect your property from modern security threats.

Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Monitoring

Intrusion monitoring is the next level of home security. It goes beyond a simple burglar alarm to keep you in full control of all events happening in your home 24/7. Through smart technology, you can get instant updates to your smart phone about potential break-ins.

Intrusion monitoring systems can include window sensors, door sensors, security cameras, glass break sensors, and other state-of-the art smart home technologies. Best of all, the latest systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your home automation network.

Affordable Plans

While we’re at the leading edge of the marketplace in terms of the technology we use in our intrusion systems, we’re also able to help you secure affordable plans for your home. We believe that next-level security should be available to all homeowners, so we offer affordably priced plans for your full range of intrusion protection requirements.

Intrusion Detection System

Scalable Customization Options

We not only design and install security technology, but we also help you adapt the technology to your changing needs over time. This means that when you require additional detection levels as you upgrade your home, we offer solutions that grow with your home and your family. It’s why so many of our customers have trusted Securassure for our expertise over many years.

Intrusion Monitoring 2
Intrusion Monitoring 2

Our cutting-edge home intrusion detection systems feature many benefits, including:

Intrusion Monitoring 3

Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring

Securassure only works with the most trusted ULC-certified intrusion monitoring systems to safeguard your property.

Complete systems control

Our security systems combine automation with simple functionality to ensure complete control of residential security at the touch of a button.

Access to the latest technology

We’re a TELUS Trusted Provider of intrusion monitoring technology, which helps safeguard your property against all intrusion events.

Door and window sensors

Our door and window sensors detect even the slightest movement inside and outside your door and windows.

Reliable Service

We’re a TELUS Trusted Provider of home intrusion detection systems, helping put the power of smart home solutions in your hands. Our systems are tried and tested in homes around the country and continue to offer the very best protection for growing families.

Easy Installation

Whether you require assistance, or want to install it yourself, we provide the guidance and the easy-to-install products to get it done right!

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