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Protect Your Loved Ones
With 24/7 Medical Alert Systems

Protect Your Loved Ones With Medical Alert Monitoring from Securassure

When your loved ones are home alone, you may not be able to respond quickly in an emergency. Make sure that medical experts are alerted quickly by choosing our medical emergency alert products. Securassure offers home medical alert products designed to keep you informed about the health of your loved ones at any time of the day.

Medical Alert Systems

Why You Need Medical Alert Systems in Your Home

Your Loved Ones Will Be Monitored

Your loved ones will be protected 24/7 by medical expertise when you choose medical alert systems through Securassure. You’ll never have to worry about what’s happening in your home when you choose one of our products. Our medical alert systems can give you a clear insight into your loved ones’ condition via your mobile device’s application.

You’ll Gain Greater Control Over Your Home

As a modern homeowner, you require closer control over events in the home. Your medical alert system will provide you with immediate information regarding your loved ones and their medical condition. When a medical alert occurs, you’ll be immediately notified and you’ll be able to communicate with those inside the home for more information.

Medical Alert Systems

Your Medical Alert System Will Include:

Intuitive Performance

When you select medical alert monitoring in the home, it’s important your system is easy to use. Our products go through a comprehensive design process to ensure that you can simply use the alert system as part of your everyday activities. There’s no need to change your routine. Whether you’re using our medical alert bracelets or our home alarm units, your product will be simple to use within your home.

24/7 Response & Automatic Fall Detection

Our medical alert system offers 24/7 response through the press of a button. By integrating our medical response smart technology, you or your family will have safety immediately available. In addition, our technology can automatically detect falls and contact emergency teams on behalf of the user.

Medical Alert Monitoring in Home
Medical Alert Monitoring in Home

Choose the Medical Alert System That’s Right for You

Our team at Securassure goes to great lengths to ensure we design and build the right medical security system for your unique personal requirements. We’ll help you review the full range of alert services we offer and help provide peace of mind with comprehensive design and installation work.

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We’re Security Leaders

When you choose Securassure for your home medical requirements, you can rest assured you’re working with a leader in security innovation.

We’re Automation Experts

Our focus on cutting-edge technology means we can integrate your medical alert system within your very own smart home security network.

We’re a TELUS Trusted Provider

We are a TELUS Trusted Provider working across Canada to help individuals automate their home through high-quality monitoring home security equipment we manage on a daily basis.

A Smart Home Network

Our medical alert systems are just one element of our security services selection. We can integrate your medical alert system with the rest of your smart home system to automate your security!

Sensor Technology

We can help guide you through installing and maintaining the security sensors you use around your home. Whether you choose us for our medical alert systems or you’re searching for door and window sensors to prevent break-ins.


Through our smart phone application, you can receive prompt updates or collected data regarding your smart home system!

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