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You need quick access to qualified professionals when the temperature changes quickly in your home. When there’s the potential for a fire event or other unsafe conditions within the property, there’s no time to waste. Our experienced team at Securassure recognizes the importance of prompt action during changing temperatures and the overall impact it has on comfort!

Temperature Monitoring Systems

What Could Cause Temperature Changes?

Power Failures

In the event of a power failure, products such as automatic feeders may fail to function. In addition, the temperature will rise significantly as air conditioning systems and other temperature control systems fail. Temperature sensor technology, offered by Securassure, is battery-operated so you’ll always have up-to-the-minute information when there’s a power failure in the home.

Evolving Weather Patterns

Selecting quality temperature monitoring solutions from Securassure will keep you in full control of your home environment. We can offer control units that connect to your mobile device, giving you instant information about conditions inside your home. So when the weather changes quickly, you’ll be able to respond immediately to keep your family and your property safe.

Air Leaks in Secure Areas of the Home

If you store valuables in the attic or crawl space of your property, you’ll know the importance of keeping the area in optimal condition. We can install temperature monitoring sensors in these areas to ensure preservation. Once we install temperature monitoring systems, you’ll have access to instant information on those hidden spaces, so, whether you’re home or at work, you can quickly respond to temperature fluctuations.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Our Commitment to Quality Installation

A leading reason clients select Securassure for our services is that we’re security and communication experts. From your first contact with one of our service team members, you’ll gain instant information about the security picture within your home.

Integration Expertise

A common challenge some homeowners experience is that their security systems don’t link effectively with one another. This means they have to continually maintain the system and spend time calibrating their units several times per month. We’re here to help you avoid this issue. We offer the local market’s leading integration experts. We’ll show you how each of the units in your home interacts with the others. We also install whole home automation solutions, that each security item whether it’s an intrusion sensor on your doors or a temperature monitoring system in your basement is linked to the same network. You’ll gain access to the entire picture of your home’s security at the touch of a button – it’s that simple.

Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors

Temperature Monitoring From Securassure Gives You:

In addition to our expertise, we rely on the manufacturing expertise of our service partners. We’re a TELUS Trusted Provider, which means we can provide you with the highest quality home automation solutions from one of North America’s leading communications firms.

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Instant Access to Home Data

There’s no need to wait for information about conditions within your home. Your temperature monitoring service will provide you with real-time data regarding the temperature inside the property.

Complete Automation Control

It’s never been easier to gain a complete overview of your home and its security. There’s no more guessing about conditions inside the home when you’re away.

Our Product Quality

When you select Securassure as your home monitoring service provider, you can rely on us for direct access to the latest in voice-activated home security systems.

Easy Installation

Whether you require assistance, or want to install it yourself, we provide the guidance and the easy-to-install products to get it done right!

24/7 Service

We offer 24/7 services because we know that just because you’re resting, doesn’t mean potential health hazards are!

Smartphone Application

Control your smart home and monitor any potential carbon monoxide through your smartphone application, offered by Securassure!

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